Our Work

Marine manufacturing:

Aim 1: To expand the Cape’s boat building footprint and develop and sell more boats.

Aim 2: To support the Ocean Sports Manufacturers (surf boards, foils, fins, kites and windsurfers)

Aim 3: To support boat equipment manufacturers (sails, rope, hatches, engine components etc)

Aim 4: To support harbour and marina developments


Aim 1: To grow the number of Superyacht visits to the Cape annually.

Aim 2: To increase the Superyacht offering in terms of training, repairs, provisioning, security, accommodation and luxury tourism.

Ocean Sports:

Aim 1: To formalise the Ocean Sports, recreation and adventure tourism sector associations and provide a HUB.

Aim 2: To address training shortfalls in the sector and facilitate career pathways

Aim 3: To facilitate funding for ocean sports and safety training.

Aim 4: To create jobs in the ocean sports sector.

Aim 5: To establish the STOPOVER Cape Town organisation to ensure our continued global competitiveness as a destination